Terms & Conditions

Legal dispositions:
General conditions regulating the use of different tourist services included in this web site are ruled under the provisions of Statute 18.829, its regulatory Decree-law N. 2.187/72, provisions of the Implementation Agency, Statue 18.829 adhering to the International Agreements about travel’s contract, International Agreements about air transport to which Argentina has previously adhered to, as well as statutes and provisions previously adhered to by organizations at national, provincial and municipal level, including accommodations, terrestrial, air, fluvial and maritime transportation or of any other type described in the present web site.

Services include:
Reception at the airport, assistance, transfer to and from the hotels. Accommodation at the selected hotels, rooms with or with no private facilities according to previuosly agreed, and for the number of passengers previously agreed; with alimony regime according to that specifically agreed on each program and at the sites selected for the provision of that service. Excursions according to schedule in each case. Tourist transportation at a regular or private basis- domestic air transportation in regular or charter flights, whichever indicated in the program- charge of local taxes according to the services offered at the sites to be visited.

Services do not include:
Airport and harbor taxes, tips in general, extra expenses of any kind ( meals, laundry, phone calls, fridge-bar, etc ) as well as any other service which has not been expressly described in the programs as part of the present Manual of Services. Domestic and international air flights.

They will be on force after the payment of a sum equivalent to 50% of the total value of the services offered, amount that will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the services reserved ( Refer to Cancellations )

Full payments:
Full payment should be made in due time and form, in accordance with that indicated by the responsible operator and with a minimum of 30 days prior to the date of the services contracted.

Cancellations are those performed prior to the payment of the deposit specified in the reservation clause. These cancellations will be accepted free of charge; cancellations performed after the payment of the deposit will have an extra charge of 50% of the total value of the services if the cancellation is made 30 days prior to the initiation of the services. Following this time limit, the charge for the cancellation will derive in the retention of 100 % of the total value paid, as cancellation charge.

The responsible operator explicitly reserves for himself the right to annul one or several of the scheduled excursions in this present Manual of Services, up to 30 days in advance.
Annulments of rendering of services that may occur as a result of probable unforeseen circumstances, non imputable to the responsible operator or the provider of the services, such as riots, strikes, wars, abnormal meteorological conditions, or of any other origin that may prevent the rendering, reimbursements that may eventually be refunded will be taken into consideration and will be regulated according to the applicable legal provisions in such cases, at the provider’s discretion.

Reservations and deposits:
Reservations should be made as early as possible, in order to assure confirmations. Reservations made within 30 days prior to departure require immediate full payment and are subject to availability.

Under normal conditions, full payments are due 60 days prior to the passenger arrival, and should be credited to Tomas Greiner Travel´s account or to any other account expressly indicated.

Cancellation penalties of 75% of land cost per person will be assessed for all cancellation made prior to 30 days before departure.
Cancellation penalties of 50 % of land cost per person will be assessed for all cancellation made within 30 to 15 days prior to departure.
No refund will be assessed for all cancellations made within 15 days prior to departure or no shows.

Prices in this brochure are based on tariff and exchange rates in force at the moment of issue, and are subject to availability and change without previous notice due to acts of government, other authorities or by sheer force.
TOMAS GREINER TRAVEL reserves the rights to alter or adjust any travel program when necessary or desirable for the protection, safety or improvement of said travel program or when local conditions do not enable operation of the program as published.

No claim will be considered pursued and no action will be against TOMAS GREINER TRAVEL unless typewritten notice of claim is received with supporting documentation within 15 days of completion of the tour.
No refunds will be given for portion of tour or hotel stay unused by passengers.
TOMAS GREINER TRAVEL is not responsible for delays or irregularities in arrival or departure of passengers on regular airlines, cruises, buses, etc., during the validity of the program, and eventual expenses for this reason , must be assumed by the passengers. No exceptions will be accepted.

Luggage and other passenger´s personal belongings are not included in the travel contract and any loss or damage due to any reason during the tour is not under contractual responsibility.

TOMAS GREINER TRAVEL, as intermediary between the people and/or entities providing different services and the passengers will not be considered responsible of any event that might affect passengers or their belongings. The air ticket, once emitted, will be the only document of the travel contract regarded as valid between this and the user, who acknowledge all the legal provisions emergent from international agreements regulating rendering of services. .Delays in the fights schedules to be used by the passengers that might postpone arrivals after the date of initiation of the contracted services, will not give the right to complain for the services that the passengers could not use, and the same will occur in the case of postponing and/or annuling the return tickets which will oblige to postpone the accommodations contracted in the present program. Regardless what has been planned, the mentioned accommodation will be considered as extra and will be charged to the passenger, not to TOMAS GREINER TRAVEL.

Section 21, decree law 2182/72
When a dismissal affecting the contracted services takes place, and following confirmation by the agency, the refund will depend on the conditions under which the companies provide theirservices. In case refunds are given, the agencies will have the right of 10% retention. In case of refund of non-used services and in the event that such refund is not given immediately, the agencies will have to ask the agencies providers of services within 5 days of having received the complaint, the confirmation of the transportation required by the passengers. Moreover, they will have to refund the corresponding amount within 10 days following the liquidation.

subject to modifications without previous notice.
All prices are net per passenger in American Dollars.
Taxes are included when specially specified.
Groups, congresses and incentives are upon request.
Services and hotels in cities not listed in this brochure, are upon request Payments should be made in American Dollars to the bank account that will be informed in a timely manner.

You must fax the deposit receipt to this number: 54-011-4747-5003 or by mail to tomas@tomasgreinertravel.com The paymentwill be valid once the bank has received the deposit.

In caseof total or partial cancellation, the passenger must afford the expenses. ( Refer to our general conditions )

TOMAS GREINER TRAVEL, its agents and representatives only act as intermediaries for the performance and arrangement of transportation, tours, hotel accommodations and other services related to the program.TOMAS GREINER TRAVEL is not responsible for errors and omissions included in the brochure and/or the program of the purchaser of the services provided by TOMAS GREINER TRAVEL, governmental actions or actions from others organizations, wars, civil riots, popular rising, kidnapping, terrorist actions, pillage, strikes, robberies, epidemics, dangerous incidents in trips by sea, lake, air and land, and other similar actions or incidents that go beyond his control.

TOMAS GREINER TRAVEL do not accept any king of responsibility due to climate conditions that turn the tour unpleasant.

Unused Services:
Those services which voluntary are not used, whichever be the reason, will under no circumstance be refunded.

TOMAS GREINER TRAVEL reserves the right to alter the routes indicated of each program, without altering its duration, if unforeseen circumstances or better programing turn it necessary, and also can change confirmed hotels for other of equal category taking no responsibility for such action.
When the change of hotels is due to unforeseeable situations and the accommodations are offered at another hotel of lower category, the operator will refund the amounts which might result from such situation.